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Born in the wrong century

Boys (and the one or two girls that can control their gag reflexes long enough to read what I write)- have you ever found yourself thinking that this modern world of ours has its head shoved way too far up its own arse?
You're not alone.

The other day I was joking around with my mother, telling her about my vacation and about how much fun I was having. I told her that I was planning to go visit a classical art gallery that day, and then expressed (once again) my long-held opinion that modern art galleries around the world ought to be re-purposed to become toilets and landfills.
My mother, of course, agrees with me on the subject- which is natural, given that it is from her that I get my fascination with art and history.
I then joked that I was obviously born in the wrong century. Her response went something like this:
"ABSOLUTELY. Your attitudes about society, about women, about men and fatherhood, about modernity, about art- all of it- don't even come from the Twentieth Centu…

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