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The time of testing

In more than five years of nearly daily writing and analysis, this post, right here, is the most difficult one that I have ever had to write, and by a long way.
I had alluded a few times last week to the fact that I have been going through some rough times. And that is because, on Tuesday March 20th, I lost my job.

Eleven years. Three jobs. Every single one lost due to "corporate restructuring".

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence - three times is enemy action"? Well, I'm living proof of the veracity of that one.
The call came at around 10.30 in the morning. I was told to go to such-and-such room on a particular floor of the building. Having been through the "corporate restructuring" routine twice before already, I had a pretty good idea as to what was coming.
I didn't have to wait long for the hammer to fall.
My hyper-emotional, over-talkative new "manager", with whom I had profound differences i…

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